CPM Fats Spray at Die

Spraying at the die using CPM Calspray, allows a higher proportion of fats to be included in the pelleting process, allowing the use of lower cost of raw materials, while maintaining pellet quality.

CPM Calspray ensures that fat percentage is constant, regardless of pellet mill throughput. It also eliminates the problem of greasy pellets sticking during handling.

Aside from that, CPM Calspray also allows a wider range of fats to be used on all sorts of dies, for example straight holes instead of taper or wells. A heated cabinet containing filter, motor with inverter drive, variable flow pump with built-in pressure relief valve and a mass flow meter. A flexible heated pipe to supply fat to the spray block, with air operated jet selection and purge. A dedicated touch screen controller to control and monitor the operation of the system.


  • High Accuracy
  • CPM Controller with its special algorithm, coupled with precision mass flow meter and precise selection from multiple jets, ensure that fats is always added in the correct proportion.

  • Reliability
  • A self-contained ready-to-run unit containing all the parts required, together with extensive use of stainless steel, ensures correct installation and long trouble free life.

  • Self cleaning no build-up
  • Wide range of diameter and length
  • Install in existing locations
  • CPM Calspray
  • CPM Calspray