CPM Conditioner

HS Series

The Hotstart (HS) conditioner is one innovative way to ensure that meals receive the optimum conditioning required before being pelleted. The advantage of HS conditioner is that the meal temperature preset by the customer is reached before being discharged. This in return helps to produce cost efficient, high quality pellets.

Features :

  • Heavy duty, stainless steel construction
  • Steam or heat traced jacketed chamber to prevent heat loss to surroundings
  • Variable frequency drive to reverse shaft speed and direction
  • Program controlled shaft speed and direction
  • Temperature monitoring

  • Benefits :

  • Excellent moisture absorption and gelatinization
  • Desired temperature control
  • High quality output and cost effective operation
  • Maximum conditioning by incorporating steam and other liquids
  • CPM Hotstart Conditioner

  • Heavy duty construction
  • Hinged inspection cover for easy access
  • Variable Frequency Drive to control speed and shaft rotation directions.
  • Temperature Probe for temperature reading
  • High volume, low velocity steam addition
  • Program control
  • Single or stacked configuration
  • Water/Molasses inlet

  • Specifications and Dimensions

    CPM Model Conditioner Diameter x Length Standard HP
    18LL8.5 HS18" x 8.5' (457 x 2,591mm)15
    18LL10 HS18" x 10' (457 x 3,048mm)20