CPM Cooler

Counterflow Cooler

CPM Counterflow Cooler is one of the most advanced cooler available in the market. Its simple design, mechanically trouble-free and minimal space required, makes it the preferred choice and highly sought after cooler. CPM Counterflow coolers provides efficient moisture control and low-shock tempered cooling.

Features :

  • Provides moisture control
  • Ensures pellet durability
  • Efficient
  • Trouble-free

  • Choice of Discharge System

  • Sliding Grid
  • The sliding grid discharge is recommended for pellet sizes from 2 mm to 10 mm. Design of the system is such that pellets are not crushed. They are "coaxed" rather than forced through the discharge system. Movement of pellets through the system is extremely gentle so as to maintain pellet quality and minimize fines. The grid is virtually self-cleaning, as there are no ledges that could collect material thus reducing cross contamination.

  • Rotary Grid
  • The rotary grid discharge is used when processing a mixture of pellets and large cubes, or when cooling large flakes. The blade rotation allows the pellet to move downward to the hopper discharge. Flow through the system is controlled by adjusting the degree of opening and closing of the grid. This provides a gentle action to maintain pellet quality and minimize fines.

  • CPM Counterflow Cooler
  • Efficient, trouble-free and affordable
  • Improve moisture and low-shock, tempered cooling
  • Robust