About Us

The office in Asia, first open its door for business in 1969 in Singapore at Liu Fang Road as CPM Pacific. Ever since then, CPM Asia have prospered and is now operating in 2 offices. One being in China, and another in Singapore.

To allow us to better serve our customers, our China office, CPM Wuxi, will be overlooking the China market solely due to it's vast demand and the booming industry, where as our Singapore branch will be overseeing other Asian countries such as Thailand, Indonesia, Pakistan and many more.

CPM Machinery (Wuxi) Co. Ltd

No. 10 Yu An Road
Xinwu District, Wuxi
Jiangsu Province
People's Republic of China

PH: (86) 0510 85280487 / 85282240
Fax: (86) 0510 85282429

CPM/ Pacific Private Ltd

21 Gul Drive
Singapore 629470
Republic of Singapore

PH: (65) 6265 0701
Fax: (65) 6863 0710

Our Team

Here's a candid photo of the team from CPM Pacific having a retreat in Perth, Australia! We are not just about work, we know how to have fun too!

and...Here's our dedicated team from CPM Wuxi having a retreat too!