CPM Extruders

Take your pelleting process to the next level with CPM extrusion technology. Be it floating feeds or sinking feeds, you can trust our CPM extruders to do the task perfectly for you. Single screw extruder, twin screw extruder, or even a full extrusion package, CPM have it all available for you.

Single Screw Extruder

Features :

  • Power transmission up to 98%
  • Safe, reliable, durable and high efficiency gearbox drive.
  • Auto control system maintain feed density effectively and produce variety choice of aquatic feed, pet feed and poultry feed.
  • Cut-to-length by variable speed drive
  • Jacketed conditioning system

  • CPM Complete Extrusion System (Model MK)

    Have a headache free extrusion system with CPM. Minimising the work done on client's end, CPM extrusion system provides you with everything you need to pelletize right away. Just a little work on your end, and we're good to go!

    CPM Complete Extrusion System is inclusive of all C/W motors, steam, water and oil stations. Flowmeters for steam, water and oil in also included. All piping and PLC Controls are included as well!
    Buyer to provide only the following:

  • Mash material
  • Water supply
  • Steam supply
  • Oil supply
  • Field wiring and electrical power
  • Product takes away
  • CPM Single Screw Extruder
  • CPM Single Screw Extruder
  • CPM Extrusion System
  • CPM Complete Extrusion System Model MK

    Single Screw Extruder Technical Specifications

    Model  - MK165 MK215 MK285
    Type Hole Size (mm) Capacity (T/H) Capacity (T/H) Capacity (T/H)
    Floating dia 1-2 2-4 2-6 2-8
    feed dia 2.1-15 3-6 5-12 5-16
    Sinking dia 1-2 1-3 - -
    feed dia 2.1-10 2-4 - -