Gyro Sifters / Feed Cleaner

The CPM Gyro sifter / feed cleaner protects your downstream equipment and product quality. The gyro sifter is the updated version of our iconic whirly feed cleaner and incorporates enhanced features our customers want. The design has been updated to provide easy access for screen changes and the rotor can be configured with a variety of brushes and wipers. Customers with frequent problem of debris or tramp metals entering their pelleting line can consider this as as an add-on after their mixer to improve the wear life of major equipment and reduce downtime.

  • Full-access doors for easy maintenance
  • Wipers and brushes to convey material and clean the screens
  • Adjustable wiper and brush angle
  • Stainless steel housing
  • Internal bypass
  • Feed Brochure
  • CPM Gyrosifter CPM Gyrosifter

    Specifications and Dimensions

    Motor kW*
    Screen Area
    3620 5.5 14,400 cm² 40 MTH
    4827 11 25,903 cm² 90 MTH
    6036 18.5 39,852 cm² 135 MTH
    7242 22 55,432 cm² 180 MTH
    10842 37 83,226 cm² 270 MTH