CPM Hygenisers

For hygienic production be it for poultry, pig, fish meal or ruminant feed application, you can always count on CPM hygeniser to deliver results. With it, you can be assured of healthy clean feeds and of course, improved feed quality as well. CPM Hygeniser comes in different sizes to cater to different tonnage and application. It can also be installed in existing configuration as an add-on, or a replacement of an existing conditioner.

Features :

  • Salmonella control
  • First In First Out (FIFO)
  • Self cleaning no build-up
  • Wide range of diameter and length
  • Install in existing locations

  • Benefits :

  • Energy and cost efficient
  • Improved pellet quality and throughput
  • Clean feed with zero chances of recontamination
  • Improved gelatinization with longer retention time (4 minutes)
  • Extended life on die and rollers

  • Press Feeder

    Due to the design of the shaft of the hygeniser, there may be feed surges leaving the hygeniser. Hence, the purpose of the press feeder is to eliminate the surges so that there is a constant steady flow of feed going into the pellet mill.

    Features :

  • Variable frequency drive
  • 3.0 HP (2.2KW) gear drive
  • Low profile design
  • Insulated to prevent temperature loss
  • CPM Hygeniser
  • CPM Hygeniser

  • CPM Press Feeder
  • CPM Press Feeder

  • Steam jacketed, no live steam
  • Bolt on cover for easy access
  • Long retention time
  • Bolt on stub shaft for easy replacement
  • Double ribbon flighting at disharge to reduce pulsation

    Specifications and Dimensions

    Model A B C D
    24LLJ12 4520 995 450 800
    36LLJ8 3859 1336 600 N.A
    36LLJ13 4950 1375 675 800
    42LLJ8 4152 1620 698 N.A
    42LLJ12 5357 1620 693 1068
    42LLJ17 6847 1620 674 1073